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The 4 Pillars Of The Honoris (A Place Of Honour)

  • Promoting awareness of the life and achievements of our founder
  • Starting of a spiritual process of our members and the faithful to pray for the advancement of his cause
  • The Honoris is open to all (it is a stand alone and independent place of honour)
  • It will operate in the two official languages of Canada

Beatification tapestry

For your information and edification please click on the links below for videos regarding Blessed Michael McGivney.

Father Michael McGivney: An American Blessed

A Witness For The World, The Global Impact Of Blessed Michael McGivney

Blessed Michael McGivney

Blessed McGivney's Beatification - Highlights

Blessed Michael McGivney: The Cause Begins

Blessed Michael McGivney Novena

Face of Mercy

In this film on Divine Mercy and St. Faustina in our last century is a copy of Blessed Michael McGivney and his works on the century before, Blessed Michael as an exemplary pastor who was so concerned about his parish and it's people, was definitely inspired and responded to God's providence and founded The Knights of Columbus to fulfil this need.   

Knights of Columbus Pledge

Father McGivney, what must we do?

  • To work for Christ by following your example.
  • To work for family by doing as you taught us.
  • To work with my fellow brothers by following your charity and teaching.
  • To work in the community by emulating you.
  • To work for others as you always strove to do.
  • To work at deepening my faith with your intercession.
  • To work at being a better Catholic man, I commit to be a dedicated Knight of Columbus like you.

A Knights Of Columbus Mission

Success as a Knight and as an organization as a whole is defined by our adherence to the mission defined by Blessed Father Michael J. McGivney when he founded our Order. His vision was of what Catholic men could be and what they could achieve by being what they could be. The goal is the service and protection of their families, the service and protection of their Church, and the service and protection of their country. Among the many reasons why the Blessed Fr. Michael McGivney founded the Knights of Columbus was to help Catholic Men Practice the faith and thus become better husbands and fathers thereby strengthening the family structure. He made it a requirement that every Knight be a Practical Catholic, yet wisely did not demand that a man be a perfect Catholic to enter the Order. Rather, membership in the Knights is meant to help men progress in making God the first priority in their lives and engage in works of charity and experience fraternity with other men striving to take their faith seriously.

When we as Knights of Columbus embrace the principles of Charity, Unity, and Fraternity we exemplify the vision of our founder. These principles, with a special emphasis on Charity, are how we evangelize our faith and the principles of our Order. It is by our example when interacting with our brothers and individuals in our communities sharing our faith and principles and asking. Charity is the act of reaching out to others bringing dignity to all individuals; Charity is offering indi- viduals the opportunity to practice their Catholic faith.

We have the tools to exemplify this vision of Charity. Our programs Church, Community, Council, Family, Youth, and Culture of Life define us as Knights of Columbus and Catholics. When we are actively involved in our six program areas, we evangelize the principles of the Order, and in that we recognize the inherent dignity of the human person. The key to evangelize is passionate involvement. Every activity and program we do is CHARITY. We, by our actions provide that reason. What better way than by example and passionate involvement to evangelize our faith and principles providing others an opportunity to recognize the inherent dignity of the human person.

Ultimately our success as individuals and as Knights of Columbus is measured by how faithful we are to the vision and the dream of our Founder the Blessed Fr. Michael McGivney and his principles of Unity, Fraternity and Charity. By this we will show how we are GOOD stewards of the Order we have inherited.

It is with prayer to our founder that we can develop a meaning and understanding. There are many a time, we Knights are asked to turn to prayer for another member, or a death or event or sadness. We ask your council to join us at the Honoris and become prayer partners, for those in your councils who wish to join in daily prayers, (for whatever cause we are asked to pray for.) By finding someone in your council who can be our partner, your council will take part in being there for someone who is in need. You will know that someone is praying for whatever was request by a council or other councils across Ontario.

This will be of interest to members who are older, or who attend Mass often or take part in a daily prayer or would like to start one. By joining the prayer line, the council can use this activity as a requirement for the Columbia application each year.

To sign up ...please send an email to the ” and visit the Honoris web site under Prayer Line and Prayers For Departed

By mail:

Michael J. McGivney Honoris
281 Nepean Street
Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 5G2

Thank you, Vivat Jesus

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