Acknowledgment and Appreciation

The Blessed Father Michael McGivney Board wishes to acknowledge the assistance and efforts made on our behalf of the persons listed below. In appreciation we wish to extend to each one of them the title of "Honorary Member of the Committee of the Blessed Father Michael McGivney Honoris" ("The Honoris").

  • Father Richard Siok, Rector, Saint Patrick Basilica
  • Monsignor Kevin Beach, Rector, Saint Patrick Basilica
  • William (Bill) Country, Liaison Officer to the Supreme Council;
    and Ontario State Board of the Knights of Columbus; and Author for "The Honoris"
  • Yvon Robert, Ontario State Deputy (Deceased)
  • Joseph Salini, Ontario State Deputy
  • Reverend Deacon Kevin Daudlin, Ontario State Deputy
  • David Peters, Ontario State Deputy
  • Marc Madore, General Agent, Knights of Columbus Insurance
  • Royal Besner, Grand Knight and Constant Supporter
  • Richard Maloney, Web Master (Deceased).

The Members of "The Blessed Father Michael McGivney Honoris Committee" are:

  • Michael J. O'Neill, Chairman of the Board and Committee
  • Father Stephen Amesse, Rector, Saint Patrick Basilica
  • Reverend Deacon Jacques Mayer, Pro Life and other Columbian Commitments
  • Michael Ferrigan, Recording Secretary
  • Joseph (Joe) Prince, Treasurer
  • James (Jim) Shields, Legal Advisor
  • Andrew (Andy) Doyle, Liaison to Saint Patrick Basilica
  • Ronald (Ron) Hutt, Development Officer to The Kmights of Columbus Councils
  • Marcel Gauvin, Translator
  • Eric Vink, Technical Advisor
  • Charles Gauthier, Special Projects
  • Lauren Pruner, Web Master

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