In Memory of our Dearly Departed

The Venerable Michael J. McGivney Honoris wishes you our heartfelt sympathy. There are times when there are too few words left to heal us, when what we wish for is to be carried, when all we have left is the hope that tomorrow will be a better place than today.

We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers as you travel your journey of grief. Be comforted for you still have ties to your loved one in Heaven above.

Cherish dear memories in your mind, share the best of them and find strength in their spiritual hue.

To loving memories so rich in worth, where they are now and here on earth allow love and support to heal today.

The names placed below will be remembered by those of the Honoris committee and by those who visit. Each year on August 14th, a Mass in memory of Venerable Michael J. McGivney and those in Memorial will be said at Saint Patrick’s Basilica. Also, the departed will be remembered at every Holy Mass at Saint Patrick's Basilica during the month of November.

As of May 1st, 2018 all deceased and future deceased on our Memorial Page are enrolled for daily Masses with The Precious Blood Fathers. The stipend for this comes out of your contributions. This is a way that we can show our appreciation for your prayers and support.

To sign onto the memorial, do so at the Honoris or by sending us an email to the . Alternatively, you may mail your request in to:

Michael J. McGivney Honoris
281 Nepean Street
Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 5G2

Absolve, we beseech Thee, O Lord the souls of the faithful, that they who are dead to the world may live unto Thee; and wipe away by Thy most merciful forgiveness whatever sins they may have committed in life through human frailty.
Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Name of DeceasedDate of deathPlaced By
Venerable Father Michael J McGivneyAug 14 1890by His Brother Knights
Aleksander M. SchenkerAug 23 2019by Margaret Remisz
Msgr. Leonard LunneyOct 1 2019by The Family
Domenico DicoratoAug 27 2019by Michael & Carolyne Ferrigan
Mary Gertrude Del CastilhoNov 10 2018by Laura Fenty
Lloyd Sullivan
Bruce McPhersonOct 4 2019by Carolyne & Michael Ferrigan
Fr. Leo Joanisse, O.S.M.  
Rose Joanisse  
Mr & Mrs John & Laura Sangster  
Carmen Sangster  
Fred Sangster  
Claud & Daisy Sangster  
Robert Hamlain  
Bill Kelly  
Florian Joanisse  
Adeline et Noel Vaillant  
Aline Cabana  
Joan Daze  
Fr Bill Lunney by Michael & Jule O'Neill
Fr Basil Smith by a friend
Fr. H.R. Wiley by Friends
Fr. Leo Blanchfield by Michael & Julia O'Neill
Mr & Mrs. Micheal Shields by Michael & Julia O'Neill
Mr & Mrs John Loftus by Cousins
Lesly PetersSept 18 2019by his brother David & Family
George & Jacquline Zappa  
Austine & Lottie Muldoon & Family  
Ersten & Millie Charlebois & Family  
Malcolm BeachAug 24 2019by The Family
Clifford Frances MonaghanSept 15 2018by Michael O'Neill
Kelly BertinSept 14 2019by The Family
Max LandoltSept 1 2019by Martha & Patrice
Pat MaloneySept 15 2019by Michael & Julia O'Neill
All deceased in Holy Cross Cemetery Kemptville  
All deceased in St. Mary's Cemetery Chesterville  
All deceased in Notre Dame & Hope Cemeteries Ottawa  
Maria NagirinyAugust 2019by her cousin Fr. Frank & family
Rev. Donald Joseph Pruner, OMIFeb. 4 2006by Lauren
Julia LarocqueSept. 17, 1989by Lauren
Joseph Larocque1986by Lauren
Gaston VillalbaAugust 23 2019by Martha
Gina Lopez [Philipines]August 12 2019 
All Souls by Some one
S/K Frank LaturnusAug. 23 2019by His Brother Knights
John MaloneyAug 22 2019by Michael
Chantal TurcotteApril 12 2018 
S/K Tom McHaleAug 10 2019by His Brother Knights
S/K Terry HoweJuly 19 2019by his Brother Knights
Dr. R.J. ScandiffioJuly 3 2019by friends
Allan MacDonaldJuly 8 2019by The Family
Harry JahesiactbyOct 21 2018by Peter Racin
Jim MullinJuly 1 2019by Dan Mullin & Family
Nizika IobeAug. 6 2001by Therese Wandi
Francois SantosOct. 18 2013by Therese Wandi
Linda GraingerJune 14 2019by Her Friends
Anne McCloskeyMay 25 2019The Honoris Committee
Matthew Daniel Allard
The missing part of our heart ]
Dec.28 2018by Samantha & Patience Mayer-Allard
The dead of all ages by Brianna Geraghty
Souls of Purgatory by Brianna Geraghty
Brian Vincent GeraghtyFeb. 22 2016by Brianna Geraghty
Allaine GagnonSummer 2018by Brianna Geraghty
Marianne Hotte [Gagnon]March 4 2014by Brianna Geraghty
William "Bill" LunnyMay 22 2019by his Knights of Columbus Brothers
Jean MolsonApril 23 2019by The Venerable Fr. Michael J. McGivney Honoris
Jean VanierMay 7 2019by The Honoris Committee
Father Brian HennessyApril 18 2019by The Venerable Fr. Michael McGivney Honoris
BriaiMay 17 2017by Briar Dalla Costa
DeJesusMarionFeb. 02 2019by Lottie Marion
Gerad MarionDec. 21 2007by Lottie Marion
Christians in Sri LankaApril 21 2019Robert Nevins Salvaduran
Francesca Pavalom Nevins SalvaduranMay 13 2018by Robert Nevins Salvaduran
Karl MeinzMarch 19 2003by Marshall Heaton
Laurence CayerDec. 14 2003by Yvette Marion
Rolland CayerMarch 21 2014by Yvette Marion
Brett Bengo CheaApril 29 2017 
William "Bill" ZlepnigApril 21 2019by family & friends at
Saint Patrick Basilica
Kenneth WattersMarch 27 2019by his freinds & ushers at
Saint Patrick Basilica
Daniel MadoreFeb. 26 1979by Marc Madore
Joseph "Joe" Enright FerriganFeb 16 2019by Michael & Carolyn Ferrigan
Aurora Ricardina DiasFeb. 15 2019by Jennifer & Anthony Sales
Louise PrevostFeb. 28 2019by Martha Flynn
Jean-Claude TrudeauJan. 8, 2019by Kathleen & Harold Marcotte
Gary QuennevilleDec.26 2019by Suzanne, his sister
Bishop Eugene LarocqueDec.16 2018by his Knights of Columbus Brothers
James J. SheaDec. 29 2018by Michael & Julia O'Neill
Hugh S. O'NeillJune 14 2017by Michael & Julia
Mrs Rita Legault RichardNov.18 2018by the family
Guy Bowie, Council 485Nov. 18, 2018Michael & Julia O'Neill
Edith Ferrigan (nee Ranger)Sept. 5, 2018by Michael & Carol Ferrigan
Lloyd JoeOct. 6, 2018by Michael & Carol Ferrigan
Agatha Daly (nee Holmes)Nov. 1, 2018by Michael & Carol Ferrigan
All Family And Friendsby Dennis & Angelina Girard
Wayne Cooney P.G.K.Oct. 6 2018by Michael & Carol Ferrigan
Mother St. Paul G.S.I.C.Oct. 12 1949by The Family
Jack DefayetteSept. 2 2018by The Family
All deceased of Saint Patrick's
Council 12158 K.of C. and their families
from 1998 to the present
Father Daniel O'NeillOct. 29 2018by Michael & Julia
George DritsasOct.13 2001by Margaret Dritsas
Rita McGoeySept 21 2018by M.Flynn
Peter CormierOct 1 2018by Michael
William Noonan
Edward Noonan
Gregoria Laruscain
Nicholas Dequina
Sofia Princesa
Romeo Princesa
 by John Noonan
Christian LarsenLe 4 aout 2018par son epouse Rachel Desjardins
Mike BreggJanuary 2001by Tim Bregg
Marie LafleurSept. 15 2018by the family
Maria CattaiSept.12 2018by Julia
Alline GagnonJuly 2018by Brianna Geraghty
Sally Ann Barr by Brianna Geraghty
Leo Babin1983by a friend
All deceased members and their families
of Cartier Assembly 860
1922 to the present 
S/K. David HamiltonAug 31 2018by Cartier Assembly #860
Ryan SuAug 24 2018by his family
Most Rev. Michael C O'Neill of ReginaJune 10 1983by The Family
Catherine McCreaJune 14 2018by Michael & Julia
Father Francis P QuinnSept. 24 1960Michael
Father Wilfred L TerrionMarch 18 1963Michael
Father Thomas J LarkinOct. 14 1964Michael
Father John L. Swain S.J.Oct 4 1987Michael
Reggie HagerupAugust 5 2018by her friends at
Saint Patrick's Basilica
Kimberly VachonJuly 6 2018by Martha Flynn
Donald VachonJuly 13 2018Martha Flynn
Deacon John GeorgeJuly 16 2018Martha Flynn
Mme. Cloris Pierre Lubin par Louise H Lubin
Pour Mon Pere Joseph Lubin par Louise H Lubin
Deacon John GeorgeJuly 16 2018by his Brother Knights
Dan Weitz and his parents by Michael & Julia
Sean McEvenueJune 28 2018by Michael
May Clare by M. Flynn
Kathryn McDonaldJune 3, 2018by M. Flynn
Brian Vincent Geraghty Sr.Feb. 22, 2016by Brianna Geraghty
Marianne Hotte nee GagnonMarch 4, 2014by Brianna Geraghty
Aristotle CayadSept 21 2017by Arianne Rosales
All unborn children who lost their lives to abortion by Arianne Rosales
J. Kevin (Joe) PrunerApril 14, 2018by Lauren
Shirley RiopelleMarch 23, 2018Gerald Cook
S/K Gerry GauthierMarch 23, 2018Cartier Assembly #860
Romeo MamarilMarch 25, 2018Michael & Carolyne Ferrigan
Moreen O'NeillMay 29 2000by the family
S/K Robert J O'NeillFeb. 8 2018by the family
Maria Ageitos RuaJune 28 2018by the Honoris
Jeanine LarocqueFeb. 4, 2018by Lauren
Conrad LarocqueApril 28, 2006by Lauren
Virginia ArseneaultFeb 7 2016by her family
Charles KearnsJan 24 2018By the Family
Andre ChampouxDec. 1, 2007by Robert Andre Joseph Champoux
Eileen MannionSept. 16, 2017by Lauren
Allan BellDec. 14 2017Martha Flynn
Robert SloanOct. 2017by his Brother Knights
in Thunder Bay
Dores OliveiraNov. 10 2017by Carlos Oliveira
Gerald TraversyMay 2 2000by Peter Traversy
Brenda TraversyNov. 29 2007by Peter Traversy
Lillian TraversySept. 2 2016by Peter Traversy
Joseph Bisonette,
Emelinda Amato,
Elmer Cere,
Horace Daument,
Christopher Daument,
Holy Souls in Purgatory
 By Emmanuel Rivest
Betsy McKissockOct. 6 2017by her parents
Maria G. VinkOct. 8 2017by her family
Peggy Mulligan by Christa
Mary Zwicker by Christa
Mary ZwickerMarch 23 2015by Rachael
Leonard MoriarityJune 28 2011by the family
Rosemary MoriarityOct. 1 2017by the family
Kevin WellsSept. 6 2017by his friends at Saint Patricks Basilica Ottawa
Michael WebsterAugust 10 2017by Michael & Carolyne Ferrigan
Laurie KellyAugust 30, 2017The Irish Society Festival Citee
Peggy MulliganJuly 30 2002by Joachim Zwicker
June BreggJuly 1, 2017by Tim Bregg
Holly BreggApril 1, 2015by Tim Bregg
Ellen FournierJune 18, 2017by Lauren
John BuistJuly 20 2017by Dianne Richards
Levi MacDonaldJuly 7 2017by Dianne Richards
Joseph CorkeryJuly 28 2017by his Brother Knights.
Betty-Ann KealeyApril 17 2017by Michael Ferrigan
Maria PimentelMay 9 2017by Carlos Oliveira
Julia DugganJune 12 2017by Greg Duggan [son]
Eddie Wittenberg02/06by Carol Smaridge
Joanie Wittenberg06/07by Carol Smaridge
Ray Kerrigan P.G.K.June 2017by his Brother Knights
Paul L. O'NeillMarch 10 2014by Michael & Julia
Monsignor Daniel R HinspergerJuly 16 2015by Michael&Julia O'Neill
Monsignor Roger FormosiOctober 6 2015by Michael & Julia O'Neill
John KennedyApril 29 2014by his brother Frank Kennedy
Bill DoakFeb. 28by Patrick Doak
Vincent GarneauMay 6 2017by Beatrice Garneau
Adele & Marguerite Kavanagh
Jack & Katie Kavanagh  
Emment & Joe Kavanagh  
Tom & Hannah O'Connell  
Gerald & Joyce, Arthur & Edmund O'Connell  
Anthony Henry (Harry)
& Louisa Esther Cosgrove
and their children: Mary, Michael,
William (Bill),Florence, Violet,
Bertha, Margaret, and their
deceased spouses and children
all between 1962
and 2009
by Patricia & Sheilagh Marie Keela
Monsignor Robert Martineaudeceased 2012by Patricia & Sheilagh Marie Keela
Marguerite Gregoiredeceased 2012by Patricia & Sheilagh Marie Keela
Edward Gallagher By Christa Zwicker
Mary Zwicker By Rachael & Christa Zwicker
Peggy Mulligan By Rachael & Christa Zwicker
Mary Scheer By Christa Zwicker
Mary ScheerMarch 9 2017by Michael & Julia O'Neill
Victoria LeblancJan. 29 2017by Martha Flynn
George McDonaldMarch 1 2017by Martha Flynn
Peggy Mulligan by Christa Zwicker
Finley KavanaghDec. 13 1995by F.& T. Kavanagh
Helen KavanaghFeb 10 1997by F.& T. Kavanagh
Eileen SlobodianFeb. 27 2017by F.&T. Kavanagh
Mary Gallagher-Zwicker by Christa Zwicker
Robin StewartMarch 6 2017by Michael & Julia O'Neill
S/K George PetetskiJanuary 2017by S/K Michael Ferrigan
Marlene & All The Deceased Monette
& Living & Fraser Members
Georges,el-GharibOct. 30, 2016by M. Flynn
Antanin MedorDecember 31 
Bergin, George
Breen, Lucille
Browne, Catherine Eleanor
Collins, Maureen Ann
Corkery, Joseph E.
Daley-Ladouceur, Doris
Delvin, Agnes
Diffey, Patrick
Donnelly, Julie (Mary Josephine)
Durham, Michael
Ferreira, Anna Luisa
Giroux, Richard
Harrigan, David
Hickey, Heather
Holdaway, Janet Marjorie
Jennings-Labonte, Dorothy Ann
Kellar, Ursula Christina,
Kennedy, Margaret Lorna,
Kerr, Yvonne,
Kuntz, Barry,
Labelle, Devon,
Larmond, Joseph Earl,
Lecuyer, Rita Mary,
Lenahan, Carmen,
Lonsdale, Mary Helena,
Malcolmson, Suzanne,
Machalek Shumelda, Patrick,
Mannion, Eileen Mary,
McIntomny, Phyllis,
McMahon, Arnold Joseph,
Mosco, Thomas Samuel,
Muise, Edward,
O'Brien, Samuel David,
O'Connor, Joan Ann,
Rayner, George,
Robinson, Geraldine,
Rojas, Rafael,
Scheer, Mary Gerarda Therese,
Schoenhammer, Ernst O.M.I.,
Shannon, Katherine,
Steele, Myrnah,
Tremblay, Alma
2017by Saint Patrick's Basilica Parish
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Emile
& Pearl Cormier
 by Mike O'Neill
Marcel Boucher, VeteranNovember 2016by Michelle Boyer
Frais-Rivera Family by Luis Ramon Frais Rivera
Estigaribia Domiruguez Flia by Rosa E.D. Frias
Mary HendersonSept. 28, 2016by Lauren
Steven Dunn by Pat Kelly
Charles & Pauline Aubry by Michael
Maritis Ellema PelayoAug 14 2007by Pelayo Ellema & Augustin Familly
Jo Anne MaltryApril 13 2014by Peter Racine
Fr. Eric McLeanFeb. 21 2007by Peter Racine
Merna DubrickAug.2016by Wayne Chernow (son)
Cyril J Peters (KofC)Aug. 9 2016by Michael Ferrigan
Alan E Knoll (KofC)July 7 2016by Michael Ferrigan
Clare Cormierunknown dateby Michael
Timothy B.  
Fouzi McHehApril 7 2007by Ralph McHeh
Craig CooperJune 20 1993by a friend
John FavillaApril 27 2001by Michael and Julia. O'Neill
Father Lloyd CummingsJuly 26 2016Michael & Julia O'Neill
Bob CormierJuly 13 2016by Michael
Jack HoulahanJuly 16 2016by Michael & Julia
Eve BoisseauJuly 7 2016by M. Flynn
Lornie Vincent ChippiorFeb. 23 2016by his cousin Rita Anne Barbara Shulist
Forgotten, Carroll G. Anonymous
Dario,Fridy and their family from your brother who loves you.
Juan Amado,Justa Edith I love you! Your sister.
Luis Frias & Josefina Rivera Luis Ramon Frias your loving son.
Victor Estigavibexi & Justa Librada Dominguoz Your daughter who loves you alot.
Sir Knight Lional DuclosApril 22 2016by Sir Knight Jacques Mayer
Richard MaloneyApril 17, 2016by the Honoris Committee
Leo LariviereSeptember 20 2013by Sheila Armstrong
Louis & Frances CampanerSept. 30/08, April6/13by Carol & Vince Campaner
John SebastionJan. 14 2015by Carol Campaner.
Betty LoringApril 6 2016by Carol Campaner
Mother AngelicaMarch 27 2016by a follower
Tom Kavanagh, Finley Kavanagh,
Helen Kavanagh,
John Peter Kavanagh,
Catherine Kavanagh,
Emmett Kavanagh.
Tom O’Connell, Hanana O’Connell,
Gerald O’Connell, Joyce O’Connell,
Arthur O’Connell, Edmund O’Connell.
Jennie O’Neil, Alice O’Neil,
Arthur O’Neil. Joe Flemming,
Anna Flemming. Adele Lynes,
Ted. Lynes. Bishop Beahan
 Pray For Deceased
Robert BennettJan. 6 2016by John Hayes
Buzz Eric SmaridgeNovember 2009by Carol Smaridge
Joan (Wilson) WittenbergJune 7 2009by Carol Smaridge (daughter)
Edward WittenbergFeb. 6 2014by Carol Smaridge (daughter)
Rosie by L O
P.J. Collin by Lucas Bradley
Pauline OuelletteFeb.19 2006by Lorraine Harper
Grace RollingJune 6 2006by M. Flynn
Jacqueline BoisseauJuly 28 2015by M.Flynn
Sheridan FlynnDec.31 2015by M. Flynn
Brian GeraghtyFeb 22 2016by his son Brian
Mia Lucia DiGiovineDec 28 1995by son Michele
Hermouio Dario Rivera by his sister in law Rosa
Jaun Amado Estigovoribia by his sister Rosa
Victor Panlabou EstigovoribiaJuly 26 1976by his daughter Rosa
Fredi Frius by sister in law Rosa
Luis Frius by his daughter in law Rosa
Justa Librada Dominiquez by her daughter Rosa
Justa Edith Estigarribia by hea sister Rosa
Josephina Rivera by daughter in law Rosa
Timothy is gone  
Mary ZwickerMarch 23 2015by Christa Zwicker
Lustra Librada DominguezNovember 13 1993by Her Daughter
Thomas Sheridan FlynnDec. 31 2015by His Sister Martha
Charlie PlaneDec.12 2015by his brother
Terese BoilyDec. 16by Catherine Dareys
Richard CayerDec. 21 2015Fellow Knights
Maurice StrongNovember 27 2015 
Helen PeddlesomNov.29 2015by Michael & Carolyne Ferrigan
Chris. MartineOct.15 2015by Ben Martine
Rose Nicole L' fferota  
Mario and Geiney  
RosittaJuly 13 2015 
Larry Le BlancJuly 28 2014By his sister Mariam Le Blanc Charbonneau
Gaetane Le BlancBy his sister Mariam Le Blanc Charbonneau
Gerry ZbochNov 7 2012by M. Flynn
Jacques AllardAug 13 1960by M. Flynn
Simon AllardMarch 6 1984by M. Flynn
Cindy TerryJuly 1 2015by M. Flynn
Doug WeaverJuly 27, 2015John Jones & Council 6320, New Jersey
Carl MuldoonJune 2015 
Doreen MuldoonFeb.2015By Friends
Ken FindlayJuly 3from his music appreciation fans
Garnet Columbus by Mike Columbus
Edsaiz Columbus by Mike Columbus
Robert Ethsen by Mike Columbus
Grace RollingJune 6 2006 
Aileen McLeanNov 20 2014Brian & Debbie McLean
Glenda MacDonaldMay 25 2015By Brian McLean
Thomas Martin McMahonAugust 1 2014His loving wife Avril
Barbara Ann WaddinghamFebruary 13 2015by her cousins
RanaMarch 17 2014by Diana
ReneeJan 31 2015by Isabelle
Horst Scheer24 Decemberby Anne Scheer
Luise Scheer8 Octoberby Anne Scheer
Friedriech Scheer30 Septemberby Anne Scheer
Denis Gaudreault28 Mayby Anne Scheer
Jeanne Gaudreault13 Januaryby Anne Scheer
Gaston Gaudreault18 Mayby Anne Scheer
Silke Remmert17 Novemberby Anne Scheer
Luis Monroy5 Februaryby Anne Scheer
Otilia de Monroy26 Septemberby Anne Scheer
Graciela Garcia de La Rosa25 AugustAnne Scheer
Hattie VeltriJan. 23 2015By her daughter Karen Veltri
Edward DaudlinJan. 7 2015by The Honoris
Flortencia Concepcion de ArgumedoNov 30 2009by Her Grandson
Victor Manuel ArgumedoAug 10 1976by His Grandson
Guillermo Atilio ArgumedoApril 5 1998by His Nephew
Leona Haynes by Julia
Jean Ronald Augustin by Linda Augustin
Peter Kelly Council 12158August 30 2014by Family & Friends
Anne Rosemary [Rommie] NihmeyAugust 27 2014By Michael & Carolyne Ferrigan
Brian HiggertyAug 17 2014by the ushers of Saint Patrick's Basilica
Scott SlawanJuly 2014by Michael & Carolyne Ferrigan
Denis Albert ChouinardJuly 13 2014by Council 5558
Daniel ChambersNov. 11 2012by David Chambers
Sir Knight Alan BugajMay 13 2014by Norman Siroki F.S. P.G.K. Council 10936 U.S.A.
Odette O'NeillMay 28 2014by the family
Hermann W. GebhardtMay 19 2011by M. Flynn
S.K. Carlyle RodrigoApr 18 2014by S.K. Jaime Libaque
Msgr. Paul RacineJan 15 2014by Aline Larabie
Glenda BentleyAug 6 2013by SK/D.D. Robert Bentley
M.J. Gallagher1997by David Gallagher
Maria CelejJune 18 2000Dennis Celej
Ginnette E BesnerApril 16 2014by A Besner
Stan MarogekGood Friday April 18 2014by Joseph Zielinski
John Clemens by Jack Koomen
Peter Koomen by Jack Koomen
Noval SearsNov.12 2000by Dennis Keefe
Bro. Fred KeefeSept.1 2010by S.K. Dennis F. Keefe D.D. # 20
Robert Finbar BuckinghamSeptember 28by Lynn Conge
Dom Jean-Gilles FlynnJanuary 21, 2014by Martha Flynn
Margaret JohnnJanuary 4 2004Sri Lanku Kandy
Anne Marie PareysOct 17 2012by her grandchild Rose Marie Pareys
Still born child [unnamed]Jan 6by Elm
DanteFeb 27 2001by daughter & family
Dwayne MooreDec 26 2013by J Parks
Margaret HoffmannDec 23 2013by Russ Zietz
Donna StankiewiczNov 24 2013 
O. OnlardOct 10 2013by Winston Shallar
Avis Henry-Jr Pierre2008by Eustoria Henry
Sr.Alice Mills2012by her Niece
GrondenNot knownby Sam
Len LeachJuly 25 1977By Fran
Meta LeachApril 10 1976By Fran
Bill Inglis Junior & BabyAug 24 2001By Fran
Pat FranklinJan 21 2004By Fran
Gerry FranklinNot knownBy Fran
Dorothy & Allie Irving & Jack LeachNot knownBy Fran
Mom and Dad Leach & Baby
Dorothy & Allan Betty& Mel Grife
Not knownBy Fran
Bill InglisAug 24 2001by Fran
Jeannie LutesNov 29 1997Andrew Lutes
Michelle DareysSat the 27Rose Marie his sister
Grace AnyaliNov 11 2012Grace Anyali the 2nd
Carlos QuifamoJuly 7 2009Martha
Joseph Prosper AugustNov 21 1996Rose
Fatherno dateno requester
S.H.Oct 11unknown
Catherine CaseyJune 1957Grand Daughter
Stanley John HunnisettApril 28 2013D. O'Connor [daughter]
Lionel GauthierFeb 3, 1969Son Charles
Jacqueline MainvilleAug.15, 2013Son Charles
Lucien LeclercMay 14, 2013Brother-in-law Charles
Daniel PlourdeMar. 23, 2013Cousin Charles
Majoric MainvilleNov. 11, 2012Cousin Charles
Emmanuel FeuechJan.26 2006Connie Mcally
O'Neill and Sweeney FamiliesNot known 
O'Neill and Fox FamiliesNot known 
Christian and McConvey FamiliesNot knownO'Neill and Kearns Familiy
Fitzpatricks and Lynn FamiliesNot known 
Kearns and O'Grady FamiliesNot known 
Barrett and Flynn FamiliesNot known 
Mr. Dick Maloney2008Maloney family
Mrs. Henrietta Pound2012Parishioner of St.Patricks
Avis, Jean-Pierre2012-11-14Not known
Henry, Leon2013-01-16Not known
Cóté, Murielle T.2011-06-25Cóté, Marie F. (sister)
Watters, Mary Johanna2012-07Not known
Saucier, Juanita2013-05A friend
Scullion, Joseph1996-11-09Timothy (grandson)
Donivan, Teresa1987-08-18De Gannes, Lynn
Claude, F. L.2012-06-02F. ,Marie (cousin)
Sullivan, Luigi1943-04-01Sullivan, Irene
Corriveau, Joseph2011-11-14Donna
Burch, Vanessa2013-05-31Burch, Deirdre
DanNot knownNot known
Dee WeeNot knownNot known
Fred DorionNov 16, 2001A Stewart
Fred StewartSept 28, 1972A Stewart
Stanley J HunnisettApr 28, 2013His family
Alex BeltranJuly 12, 2013Paola Villepos
Pricillin AlphonseAug 15, 2008B Chicat
Leonard GraceJune 2013D O'Keefe & family
Norman MoloughnayNov 1, 2009Not known
Pierrette Newman BorrisMar 26, 2011J Moloughnay
June O'Connor MoloughnayMay 9, 2006J Moloughnay
William MoloughnayAug 15, 201?J Moloughnay
Raoul BorrisJune 15, 1955J Moloughnay
Vina O'NeillJuly 9, 2008her daughter Loraine