The Honoris Prayer Line

You can request prayer in case of illness or any favours (like job hunting) at the Honoris in the Scavi at Saint Patrick Basilica, where there is a prayer request box. We ask you to place the date, name or initial of whom you wish our members to pray for there. You can also send us an , that we will acknowledge.
Alternatively, you may mail your request in to:

Michael J. McGivney Honoris
281 Nepean Street
Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 5G2

We ask you to please say the following prayer for those who have requested our help: Be assured that we will pray for your request.

God Bless,

The Honoris committee

Father McGivney, as we pray to you, we remember those who have turned to you with their wishes in their hour of need. May through the power of prayer you grant the favour to those people and may you bring peace and understanding of God’s plan for each of us.


Please recite the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory be to God.

Father McGivney, Pray for us.

Father McGivney